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Hello and welcome to my Website!

I love to read fast-paced exciting stories and I love to write them too.

My medieval Stanton & Barling mysteries and historical thriller Fifth Knight novels have been #1 Amazon and Bild bestsellers. Thanks to my wonderful readers, they have achieved sales of over 500,000 copies worldwide.

The Stanton & Barling Medieval Mysteries feature sleuths Aelred Barling, the tetchy royal clerk who is happiest alone with his law manuscripts and his assistant Hugo Stanton, who loves fast horses, ale and women.

My Fifth Knight Medieval Thrillers featuring Sir Benedict Palmer take infamous historical events and ask the ‘What if..?’ question about them. Hugo Stanton made his debut in book two of this series.

I’m delighted to announce that the fourth Stanton & Barling mystery, THE FOREST MURDERS, will be released in early 2024.


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